VR Headset

A List of Best VR Headset 2018: An Overview

Virtual reality has earned a high reputation in the present days. A wide assortment of VR headsets is available for consoles, mobile devices, and computers. Different models are available that come with amazing price tags. Thus, they have become really affordable today. Here are some of the leading VR headsets of 2018:

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive contributes to being one of the Best VR Headset 2018, available in the market. The headset makes use of cameras with the computer. This will help in marking a part of the room as the interactive space. This indicates that it is possible to walk physically around various types of gaming worlds. Within no time, you will be able to walk, crouch, lean and peek around different corners, virtual realms for the replacement of the real world surroundings.

PlayStation VR

If you have a PlayStation 4 console already and looking for the virtual reality, PlayStation VR should be on the top of the list. The PSVR makes use of the adaptable headband for taking the weight of visor. Thus, it hangs down over the eyes. It is secured with the aid of soft cushion which prevents the entry of light from the outside world. It comes with the 360-degree vision. Thus, you will be capable of procuring a seamless view from either direction. With regards to audio, the PlayStation VR utilizes the cutting edge 3D audio technology by which you will be capable of perceiving the distance and directions of sound in an accurate manner.

Freefly Virtual Reality Beyond

The Freefly Virtual Reality Beyond is a worth mentioning name in the list of VR headsets that are compatible with the smartphone. The headset offers access to the full blackout casing as well as the headphone. With the aid of this headset, you will be able to be immersed in the virtual reality. The community aspect is considered to be one of the most key features of the headset.

Google Daydream View

Google Daydream View is recognized to be one of the most prominent VR headsets in 2018. It is soft and lighter in weight. It comes with space for slotting in the smartphone. It features the motion-sensitive remote control which can be used for gaming or navigation while strapping in. It offers the 360-degree vision which is crisp or seamless. Several types of Google DayDream View are available in the market in these days.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is recognized to be one of the most popular virtual reality headsets, available in the market. It is considered to be an effective option for the Virtual reality beginners. As evident from the name, the headset is comprised of cardboard which can be folded and in which the smartphone can be slotted. It is possible to access a wide assortment of VR apps from Google Play Store.


It is another popular VR headsets of the year 2018. It is known to feature lenses of 44mm which are essential in immersing in the VR scenario. It comes with the unique foam body which is really light and strong at the same time. The headset possesses interchangeable front covers that can be availed in a wide array of colors.