DIY Gaming Laptop

How to Build a Gaming Laptop for Under $500

Gaming laptops have earned a high reputation among PC game lovers for their amazing performance and enhanced customization. However, purchasing a high-end gaming laptop involves a huge cut off from the pocket. You can build a gaming laptop just by spending 500 bucks.

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The write-up will walk you through the procedure of building gaming laptop at the most affordable prices:

Choosing The Right Components

For building a gaming laptop, you require motherboard, computer case, RAM, processor, power supply, video card, hard drive and optical drive. For building a PC of your own, you should ensure to observe the sock type of the motherboard and if the motherboard is AMD or Intel;. You need to ensure that the specs of the gaming laptop are matching those of the processor. You also need to check if the power supply is meeting the least wattage requirements for the video card.

Installation Of The Processor

You need to begin by the installation of different components into the motherboard. The first step involves the plugging of the processor in the mother board. You should ensure to keep metal objects near you. You should be touching the case for getting rid of the accumulation of small static buildup.

Installation of RAM


The next step involves the installation of RAM modules on the motherboard. You can choose to work with the motherboard outside the case for ensuring the step. During the installation of RAM, you should be keeping the pairs in the slots of similar color on the motherboard.

Installation of Hard Drive

In the next step, you require installing the hard drive. While selecting the bay for usage, you need to remember how many hard drives you are planning to use. You should make sure to keep one empty bay slot between the hard drives at least for the reduction of the build-up of heat.

Installation of Motherboard

For installing the motherboard, you require removing the side panel from the case. You should be lining the screw holes on the motherboard with the aid of standoffs inside the case. You should be inserting the screws via the holes in the motherboard.

Motherboard Connections

Two types of connections are necessary for completing the step. It is a prerequisite to complete SATA connections and case jumper connection for ensuring the proper connectivity of the motherboard.

Installation Of The Video Cards

Video cards are really bulky in the present days. However, it is considered to be the most crucial part of a gaming laptop. For video card installation, you require finding a PCI-E on the motherboard. The back plate of the case which is present adjacent to the selected slot should be removed. The connectors of the video card should be lined up with the slot. You need to reconnect the back plate of the case.

Installation Of Power Supply

It is considered to be the last component which requires installation prior to the completion of the build up. You require finding the location of the seat of the power supply inside the case. The screw holes should be lined up in the holes on the power supply. The power supply should be screwed for the casing.