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Sunrise on a Back Porch in Pennsylvania

Bald Eagle Mountain is fringed with mist
hovering over the trees
like furrowed eyebrows,
wispy and white,
watching as morning yawns over the valley.
The back porch reverberates with the music
of wind chimes, blue jays, and a pick-up truck
roaring down Warrensville Road.
I sip cinnamon-scented coffee
perched on the porch swing,
listening to the caw-caw-caphony
of crows bickering in the pine trees
and the improbable crowing of a rooster
echoing over suburban rooftops
where only last year a cornfield swayed.
The empty coffee cup is still warm in my hand.
In the kitchen, the sound of slippered feet.
Soon the cracking of eggs.

– Gloria Heffernan’s work has appeared in over three dozen journals including Blood and Thunder, Chautauqua Literary Journal, The Columbia Review, Louisville Review, New York Times Metropolitan Diary, Stone Canoe, and Talking Writing. She teaches part-time at Le Moyne College and holds a Master’s Degree in English from New York University.